2013 AutoBlog Vehicles of the Year

by Admin on December 28, 2013

AutoBlog sifts through the hundreds of vehicles manufactured each year and decides which vehicles they think are best in their respect categories. These vehicles are judged on various criteria as well as what the public thinks of them to determine ones that stand out from the competition. As a result the 2013 Ford Fusion is AutoBlog Canada’s Car of the Year.

“For our ‘Car of The Year’ winner we were looking for the best overall vehicle package, not necessarily a standout in any particular area or part of the vehicle. It’s the overall blends of style and function, beauty and performance and the lack of an inherent glaring weakness that we feel sets the 2013 Ford Fusion apart from the other nominees. Ford has hit a winning note with both Canadian consumers and Autoblog Canada editors, we are thus proud to announce the 2013 Ford Fusion as Autoblog Canada’s 2013 Car of The Year,” AutoBlog Canada.

Yearly awards based on reviews and certain criteria are a great way for consumers to get a better understand of which vehicles best suits them. It is hard sometimes to look through all the vehicles produced and decided which one best meets all requirements. It is nice when organizations do the work for you and hand out awards or give recognition. This allows a vehicle to stand out a little more among the sea of metal, plastic and mechanics.

Which resources do you use to make your car buying experience a little easier? Where do you do your homework. Personally, I think any information is better than none. The world is at your fingertips if you put a little work into it.

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