Christine Culley

Pink Shirt Day 2017In schools, homes, workplaces and all across the Internet, bullying is a major issue. Throughout the month of February, CKNW strives to raise awareness of the issues with help from the Pink Shirt Day campaign.

On February 22nd, people across the globe are encouraged to practice kindness, wear a pink shirt, especially the CKNW Orphans’ Fund Official Pink Shirt to symbolize that they do not tolerate bullying.

Our team has continuously got involved and helped raise awareness to put an end to bullying. We all come from different walks of life, from all across Canada but this is one thing we are all very passionate about putting an end to.

This year we asked our team this question:

Why is Pink Shirt Day Important to Us?

cppinkChristina Pronger

Supporting Pink Shirt Day is my pledge to be self-aware of my actions and how the things I do affect other people. Not all bullies call names, sometimes the actions of a bully are more subtle and may include isolating someone. It’s important to recognize our own actions, and speak up for others who are being bullied.

I am proud to support this cause to raise awareness that bullying can happen anywhere and I pledge to speak up for anyone I witness being bullied.

jcpinkJessica Callaghan

The effects of bullying ripple out to so many facets of people’s lives. Bullies deal in fear and intimidation. A problem further spotlighted in a time when so much of our lives are out there for people to see. We should all be able to be whoever we want to be. We should be able to bring to the world what we can without fear of cruel jokes and humiliation.

I wear my pink shirt today for those who feel they cannot be who they are out of fear. People have your back and will fight for you.

cwpinkCameron Wallace

I wear my Pink Shirt today because bullying undoubtedly exists everywhere in the world and can most certainly can be stopped. Bullying has many forms, some are overt and extreme while others are subtle and less noticeable. Creating awareness of bullying and understanding how to stop it is the most important thing anyone and everyone can do to help resolve this problem that affects people of all ages and in all parts of life. I am proud be a part of the n49 Team who are wearing Pink Shirts today to raise awareness of bullying and to promote kindness!

ccpinkChristine Culley

When I look at my children and the many struggles they go through, dealing with bullying at a very young age. Bullying began in kindergarten and it never ended no matter how much I spoke up, and we in the end had to move to an entirely new city to escape. It shocked me that this was something they were already dealing with. Bullying is something I wish no child ever had to encounter. Seeing your child ache because of words and actions of others, it ripped me apart.

Putting an end to bullying will not only make a difference in their lives, but for the many generations to come. Bullying happens everywhere. It can happen to anyone, at any age. Helping raise awareness to the effect of bullying is important for everyone and especially important for me. Today, I wear my pink shirt for my children and every child out there.

dkpinkDerek Kubik

Pink shirt day is important to me because it shows that those being bullied aren’t alone and that there are people who care.



For rally-car enthusiasts and hot-hatch hooligans, the excitement of the Ford Focus RS hitting North America is vibrating. The Focus RS definitely has the competition shaking in their boots with its 2.3 liter turbocharged four, sending 350 HP and 350lb-ft of torque to all four wheels.

The Ford Focus RS is a front engine, 4-wheel drive, 5 passenger hatchback that is finding itself needing little introduction wherever it goes. Having a zero to 60mph of 4.6 seconds, this is one car that will have you on the go, quickly. This 6-speed manual transmission, everyday drivable car will make anyone feel like a rally-car driver easily.

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This year, AmazonAutoNation had the honour of attending the Official Canadian International Autoshow hosted in Toronto, Ontario at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. We attended their Media Day preview on February 11, 2016 showcasing all the latest and greatest vehicles from top manufacturers throughout North America.

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Several industry leading manufacturers have tested the waters with a crossover convertible and not had the reaction they hoped for. Land Rover is ready to take the leap with the 2017 Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

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When you want to surround yourself in an abundance of fast, super low cars the 2015 Subaru HyperMeet hosted by the Toronto Subaru Club at Subaru Canada headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario is the place to be.


Some of the things you could experience at the Hyper Meet include:

  • Show and Shine
  • Family Fun Zone with Live Entertainment!
  • Photo Booth
  • Live Music by GrandLine
  • Raffles and Prizes
  • Vendor Area
  • Are you a Subaru Guru Game Show
  • Vendor Bingo
  • Subaru Parts Challenge
  • Free Food
  • and Much Much More!

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When you are driving down the highway and spot out of the corner of your rear-view mirror true beauty coming up behind you, you slow down to see what it is. This beautiful, streamlined piece of muscle crept up behind, and soon love at first sight happened. The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has an unprecedented 707 horsepower, one of the most powerful muscle cars on the planet. With its 6.2-litre supercharged HEMI V8 Hellcat engine, you know this baby is going to purr.

The Look and Feel of a Classic

Dodge takes us back to the original Challenger. It pays tribute to its heritage in the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat’s design, with its unique front fascia, front and rear spoilers, as well as those eye catching chrome exhaust tips.


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Monetizing websites with affiliate marketing has attracted the attention of thousands throughout the United States, UK and Canada. Many are led to believe it is a quick and easy way to start making money online, but little do they know this is not the case. There is much more to affiliate marketing then just throwing up a few banners and promotions.

The Secrets of Affiliate Marketing

With the vast amount of secrets behind affiliate marketing, it is hard to know if you’ll be successful or not with it. Affiliate marketing is one of the more complicated and stressful methods of website monetization. You have probably seen the ads, make money quick now, with companies claiming if you put their stuff on your website you’ll be making money over night.

Sadly, this is completely false. It is rare for someone to make money overnight, unless they have already optimized their websites and are already ranking. Most people find it can actually take months before they see a penny. Affiliate marketing is a time consuming venture. With a lot of work hours and patience needed. This method can of course be very frustrating and the main reason many do not follow through with it.


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