Automotive Manufacturer’s Get Creative With Marketing Videos

by Admin on December 31, 2013

As of late, there have been many automotive commercials hitting the market which you wouldn’t expect. They are quirky, unique and hilarious. Manufacturer’s are utilizing their marketing team to opt for more trendy videos/commercials compared to the traditional cut-and-dry car screening

I personally love the new Jaguar video. A scientist demonstrates the reflexes of a chicken until an actual Jaguar eats the chicken. This video totally throws you off and has you laughing in shock.

Of course the new Dodge Durango video with Ron Burgundy is on my list. How can you be in my generation and not love this guy?! The focus is on the glove box which makes the one-liners gut-splitting. It is smart of Dodge to appeal to the mid-twenties to thirty year age group. As many probably have found careers where they are stable and can afford luxurious they couldn’t before.

I wonder which manufacturer will jump on the wagon when it comes to hilarious and quirky content in their commercials or in online videos. Me, personally, I love this change from just describing the car and how much it will fit into your life. Way to break out of the box!

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