Bulli Concept – Volkswagen Microbus

by Admin on February 19, 2014

That’s right, the classic Volkswagen bus is back in action. It has been 60 years since its original debut and just as impressive. It has the classic paint job, a sleeker front end, chrome accents, shapely sleek lines, an optional sunroof and all the modern technology you expect from a new car.

It is engineered with an electric powertrain with a EV 85-kW motor or it is offered with a 1.0 or a 1.4 4-cylinder of gas. It also comes with a completely interactive driver interface with has an iPad touch screen. It is smaller than previous models, but still offers a plethora of interior space. The colours inside are spunky and retro all in the same breathe.

The VW Microbus is back for those classic lovers. It holds true to its roots as well as adding a modern flare for an unforgettable vehicle.

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