Bye Bye Belts

by Admin on November 18, 2013

If you have looked under the hood of a newer vehicle you may have noticed that there is less rubber in there. Engineers in the automotive industry have been phasing out the fan belt for more efficient options.

The rubber belt is still there but is driving fewer mechanical components as electricity takes over more functions under the hood. The belt used to run all the major components, now it runs smaller elements like the water pump.

The reason the belt has been phased out is that they are not as energy efficient as electricity. Belts draw power constantly; electric systems only use energy when it is needed.

As it turns out the belt is like the appendix of the human body. It isn’t 100% necessary to keep a vehicle fully functioning. The technology in the automotive industry is always changing to make vehicles even more efficient and modern. See how your vehicle is holding up in the industry leading changing spectrum.

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