Christina Pronger

Christina on a Tire Swing

Christina was born in Chilliwack, B.C. and currently resides in Vanderhoof, B.C. Christina has traveled twice to the United Kingdom with her sister, and grandparents, where they toured the whole area before heading over to France.  She is currently planning another trip for 2013, but with so many places to choose from she doesn’t know where she’ll go next.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Chilliwack, and then a hobby farm in Quesnel, there were a lot of responsibilities which taught her to have a strong work ethic.  Christina always had to get her chores done before she could go play her favorite sport, softball. It’s no surprise she loves animals; with two dogs and a cat she has the vet bills to prove it.

Rascal and ChloeFrom the time she was 3, Christina knew she wanted to be a teacher. After her high school graduation in 2006, she made her way to the College of New Caledonia to pursue her B.Ed Degree.  But, it was the business electives which caught her attention.  Business management appealed to her because “you’re still a teacher but the curriculum is different,” she says.

Christina loves being in leadership roles because she likes helping others discover their potential, and providing results.  Her first job was at a local pizza place where she worked as a customer service representative and excelled quickly.  In July of 2008 Christina accepted a position as manager for a retail cellular phone company.  After two years (2010) she was promoted to District Operations and Sales Manager.

Chloe and CedarChristina not only works hard but plays hard too.  As an adrenaline junky, she grew up participating in water sports, and snowmobiling.  Christina also enjoys bungee jumping, skydiving, and quading.  However, not all of her activities are done at high speeds.  She enjoys hiking, accompanying her dogs to agility training, and taking risks in the real estate market.  Christina bought her first house at the age of 18, and a second one in 2010.  She believes that where there’s a will there’s a way.  “I was completely broke when I bought my second property, I didn’t even have a down payment but managed to flip the property in just over a year.”  She is passionate about real estate, and says she could spend all her free time inquiring about properties.Whistler Bunjee Jump

Christina believes that perception is reality.  No one ever fails, they are successful in finding ways which do not work.  Finding ways which do not work brings you closer to a way that does.  Now that’s progress!