Keith Rollans

Keith Rollans was born in Kamloops, British Columbia. He first became interested in computers at an early age through various educational video games. In high school, he enrolled in the Digipen ProjectFun course, which was a pilot program in video game design. This was his first introduction to programming.

Keith Bio PictureAfter graduating high school in 2010, he entered in the First Year Engineering Transfer Program at TRU. He knew he wanted to be in programming during his first year of University. During his Software Engineering degree he got an introduction to each engineering discipline. Software was his favourite and the one he was best at. It was during this time which he decided to major in it and then transferred to the University of Victoria.

One of Keith’s favorite parts about the Software Engineering degree is learning how to build and program an autonomous robot. It was part of a group project where he had to program a robot to find and neutralize a source of infrared radiation in a 5m by 5m area.

Keith has now joined as a Junior SEO/PPC Assistant as part of his Co-op work experience for Software Engineering. He is excited to learn more about HTML and PHP and to utilize his skills as a fast learner and being savvy with computers.

When Keith is not in school or working, he enjoys playing basketball. He played all through high school, was on the winning Intramural men’s team in the 2013 winter semester at UVIC and he is planning on helping to coach for his high school this year.

He also enjoys music; he has played tuba for 8 years. He has also taken part of the Thompson Valley Community Orchestra in Kamloops and the Don Wright Symphonic Wind Ensemble in Victoria. Keith also dabbles in playing video games from time to time.

Keith is excited about the opportunity to learn new skills and to put his current ones to use. He looks forward to making websites function better and troubleshooting for the clients of Ltd.