Dash Cams

by Admin on December 31, 2014

While dash cameras are widely used in some parts of the world, such as in Russia due to a high rate of insurance fraud, they have not been as widely adopted in North America. Whether they’re used for safety reasons or for recreational purposes, dash cams can easily be found with a wide variety of features and prices.

Dash Cams

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Depending on your budget you can find a dash cam for under $50 or all the way to more than $250. There are many different features to look for, such as: the video resolution, viewing angle, dash cam size, built in screen, memory and battery life. Some dash cams can connect to wifi for remote viewing or even double as an action cam.

The safety provided by a dash cam can surprisingly vary. They can provide police more information after an accident, protect you from insurance fraud and even help monitor your driving. Safety features that can be found in some dash cams include: a driver fatigue alarm, imminent collision detection, unexpected lane departure alarm and the ability to detect a collision and either save or earmark footage.

Here are some interesting examples of attempted insurance fraud where a dash cam helps to protect a driver.

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Dash cams can aren’t all business though, they can be great for getting footage while on a closed course or off road trail, documenting a road trip or for even capturing unexpected events. One great example of a dash cam capturing an unexpected event is the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor over Russia.

Whether you’re looking for a dash cam for serious reasons or just for fun, having one can pay off huge by either protecting yourself or by catching some awesome footage.

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