Fully Autonomous Fords By 2021

by Admin on August 25, 2016

Mark Fields the President and CEO of Ford recently announced plans to not only have fully autonomous vehicles within five years but that these vehicles will also be in mass production. During the press conference, it was said that “a driver is not going to be required”, in reality, Ford doesn’t plan to include a steering wheel, gas pedals and brake pedals.

Ford feels that the fully autonomous vehicles will have as great an impact on society as their moving assembly line had a century ago and is the greatest way to affect people’s lives and the way the world moves.

Ford, alongside Uber, Lyft, Google and Volvo Cars have formed the Self-Driving Coalition For Safer Streets. The Coalition believes that fully autonomous vehicles are safer than partially autonomous vehicles and strives to help lawmakers and the public realize the safety and benefits of self-driving vehicles. As such the Coalition doesn’t believe technology such as Telsa’s Autopilot is the best solution.

Whether or not Ford will meet its goal of having fully autonomous vehicles in mass production by 2021 will be interesting to see. I, for one am interested to see these vehicles in action and to see how they handle cold, icy and snowy conditions.

Derek Kubik
PPC Manager

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