Tesla Model S Leads Q1 Plug-in Sales in Canada

by Admin on May 26, 2016

2016 Tesla Model S

Photo Credit: Green Car Reports

The Tesla Model S electric sedan has had a great first quarter of sales in Canada. 325 Canadians purchased the Model S during the month of March alone, which is now the all-time sales record for plug-in vehicle sales for a single month. March sales made up for a relatively sluggish first two months of the year, where the Model S sold 47 and 88 units in January and February. Altogether, this gives the Model S 460 total units sold in Q1 of 2016, which slightly outpaces the second place Chevy Volt which has 442 units sold in the same time period.

Canadian plug-in vehicle sales as a whole did well in March. 955 units in total were sold, which accounts for 0.55 percent of new vehicle sales for the month. This is an upward trend from January and February, where plug-ins accounted for 0.35 percent and 0.33 percent of new vehicle sales. This is good news for plug-in manufacturers, especially when considering that sales are trending upward in spite of the currently low gasoline prices in Canada.

Other notable plug-in models that had solid Q1s include the Nissan Leaf at 373 units sold, the BMW i3 with 152 units sold, and the Kia Soul EV with 129 units sold. Ford’s plug-in models are faring quite poorly in comparison. There is no official data available, but estimates for the Ford C-Max Energi and Ford Fusion Energi are estimated to be in the single digits for Q1.

The Chevy Volt also recently released its April sales of 260 units, bringing their 4 month total to 702 units sold. They sold a total of 1,463 units in all of 2015, so the Volt is on pace to smash that total for 2016. The Tesla Model S is on pace to sell about 1,840 units, which will be slightly less than their 2015 total of 2,010 units. However, if the Model S can maintain a few months of sales that are anywhere near their March total, they could end up selling a lot more than that.

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