Nanotech For Cars

by Admin on February 28, 2015

Nanotech has and continues to take existing technology of all kinds and improve it. When we look at technology specific to vehicles, there are some really interesting applications for nanotech.

Comparison_of_nanomaterials_sizesNanotechnology is a branch of technology that involves the manipulation of matter below 100 nano meters.
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Previously I’ve written about nanotech application for vehicle paint, so when I heard about a cool protective film for a windshield which used nanotech I decided to see what else I could find. Two other nanotech items I found were tire and nanocomposites which could be used in a car body.

Neverfrost is a startup company created by a group of engineering students in Ontario. They have developed a see through film for vehicle windows which uses nanotech to deflect snow and stop freezing/prevent frost. There are chemical sprays which have similar results; however Neverfrost’s transparent film has several benefits:

  • It doesn’t wear off
  • It’s resistant to rock impacts
  • It helps insulate the vehicle interior from heat in the summer

Nanotech has been used to improve tires for several years now. One such additive is called Nanoprene. It is used reduce tire wear significantly without negatively impacting tire performance, and is helping to save consumers money and the environment. Nanotech use in tires has also been said to improve tire grip in various conditions, reduce tire noise and help fuel economy.

Various vehicle manufacturers are using and researching nanocomposites for use in vehicle bodies. The materials that are being developed would be strong, lightweight, rust proof and scratch resistant. Toyota first used a nanocomposite for a timing belt cover in 1991, since then they have been used in headlight covers, engine covers and doors.

It’s really cool to see how changing things on such a small scale can have a huge impact. As technology and it’s uses advance, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of great improvements.

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