Popular Paint Colours vs. Resale Value

by Admin on August 29, 2014

With a large selection of new vehicle colours to choose from, long gone are the days of Henry Ford’s Model T colour choice: “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” However, when it comes to new vehicle purchases the top paint colours aren’t very surprising.

White, black, silver and grey are the top four, with red and blue trailing behind. Interestingly enough in the early 2000s silver’s popularity as an automotive colour was influenced by the silver colour of many consumer electronics. Then in the mid-2000s, the colour white was bolstered by Apple’s use of it in many of their products.

Colour Popularity

2013 North American  Vehicle Colour Popularity GraphImages from www.axaltacs.com

When it comes to resale, a study by the website iseecars.com found that the most popular colours do garner more interest and as a result sell faster; but surprisingly the rarer colours tend to retain their value better. Iseecars.com is an American search engine designed to help car buyers find the best deal.

The iseecars.com study looked at over 20 million used vehicles. The team then calculated depreciation for each vehicle and colour by using the original MSRP, listing price and vehicle age. Next, they calculated the average vehicle depreciated after five years and compared the information by colour. The results they found were that across all vehicle types the less common colours depreciated the least.

Colour Depreciation ChartImages from www.autoblog.com

Average car depreciation after five years was determined to be 33.6%. Black vehicles were found to depreciate the most (34.4%), while yellow vehicles depreciated the least (26.2%). This means that a five year old yellow vehicle with an original $20,000 MSRP could be worth $1,640 more than the same vehicle with black paint.

It is speculated that difference in depreciation is due to supply and demand of less common car colours. So the next time you’re in the market for a new car, remember: colour matters.


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