Skyactiv Technology is the Future

by Admin on July 31, 2012

What are people talking about? One word on the lips of many people in the automotive industry is Skyactiv. What is Skyactiv you ask? Well I am here to give you the lowdown with the help of Brad Hansen at West Coast Mazda.

Skyactiv technology is a system within Mazda’s lineup of vehicles that increases fuel efficiency and engine output without compromising the enjoyment of driving. Basically, you will still get the pep that Mazda vehicles are known for but with the technology to make them more efficient. It is a win-win: no compromising here.

“Considering fuel prices, it is a must that manufacturers take some steps to increase fuel efficiency. Mazda has the right formula without turbochargers, or expensive batteries,” commented Hansen about the increase in fuel efficiency and engine output without compromising the Mazda spirit.

The new development in the Mazda transmissions is outstanding. Now offered is the Skyactiv-Drive and the Skyactiv-MT. The new superb automatic transmission extracts the engine’s power and transfers it to the wheels in record time. This technology is industry changing. There is no need to compromise your driving enjoyment. “It is just so revolutionary,” said Hansen when asked how the Skyactiv automatic transmission has the ability to provide quick precise shifting.


“The great thing about Skyactiv is that it is spreading through Mazda’s lineup. Mazdas have always driven well. Now they has a unique technology which differentiates them from other brands out there,” Hansen said. “This  technology will develop into the line up in the coming years, it is something to look forward to.”

Mazda has really gone above and beyond in its development of economical vehicles. They have further evolved the internal combustion engine, reduced vehicle weight, found a way to give a gasoline engine a higher compression ratio and obtained world-class crash safety ratings. Skyactiv technology is something to brag about.

Hansen also provided a little insider’s scoop. The new 2014 Mazda6 will be the first model in North America with the Skyactiv-D diesel engine. New and exciting things are developing with Mazda. I can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves!

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