Vehicle Recalls

Currently in Canada it is a requirement of automakers to notify consumers of vehicle defects; however, the actual recall campaigns and repairs are voluntary. Meanwhile, in the United States, regulators are able to mandate recalls. In the wake of some recent significant recalls, there has been an announcement that some changes will be coming. Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt has said that the current system “does not serve the best interests of the public” and that recall decisions “cannot rest exclusively in industry’s hands.”

Young mechanic fixing car

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Understanding Recalls

by Admin on July 30, 2014

There is a scary word in the automotive industry that nobody seems to like to talk about: recalls. The headlines are even intimidating, for instance, “GM’s ignition switch recall affects nearly 2.6 million vehicles.

Car Tire Splashing Through Water

The fact is a recall may not be that scary. Although a vehicle may be recalled, it does not mean your vehicle is affected, nor does it have to be replaced. [click to continue…]