Top New Automotive Technologies

by Admin on July 9, 2014

Top New Automotive Technologies in 2014


Without a doubt, 2014 has been a big year for the automotive industry already. There have been various technologies introduced, all with one common objective: to make driving easier and above-all safer. What have you noticed? Anything you think isn’t necessary or anything you truly think is a godsend?

Pedestrian Detection has now been developed by Volvo. Many vehicles have technology that can detect object, but Volvo is the first to create technology that can identify pedestrians and cyclists. This development allows avoidance of collisions and injuries in urban areas where accidents with non-motor vehicles occur more often. Cameras can also detect more than one object at a time. Keep your eyes open for other manufacturers developing similar safety systems.

Intelligent Braking has been developed by Acura. This system features a “Brake Hold” button that will keep the brakes pressed automatically. You would use this feature when waiting for a red light, waiting to pick up someone or waiting for that train to cross the road.

One of the most popular technologies of 2014 is the introduction of Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Most manufacturers offer one form or another in their new models. This system alerts the driver when they crosses a line without signaling first.

3D model car

Semi-autonomous driving is a system that is able to take control at low speeds. Many companies use it for parking assistance. Mercedes-Benz has created a variation of this which can handle low speeds, following heavy traffic even on curvy roads. It will also automatically correct the course if it seems like the driver isn’t crossing lanes properly.

Why not bring a little luxury to your driving experience? The new Mercedes-Benz offers a hot stone massage bucket seat. 14 tiny air bags inflate and deflate to stimulate the occupant’s back to mimic a shiatsu massage.

Cleaning up has gotten easier with the new Honda lineup. The new 2014 Honda Odyssey minivan can come equipped with a shop-vac to make cleaning up after the kids a breeze.

Traffic sign recognition is new technology that can help you know what the speed limit is. Sometimes is seems like you have driven miles and haven’t seen a speed sign, now your car will display the speed limit in your information cluster.

There is always something new being developed in the automotive industry. Some may seem silly, while others are very intuitive. Some won’t make it into the mainstream and others have been adopted into each manufacturer. So when shopping for your next car do some research to see what technology would best suit your needs.

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