Vehicle Brakes

by Admin on March 12, 2014

There are various options when it comes to slowing down your vehicle. The science is simple, the brake slows down the vehicle by converting kinetic energy into heat. There are a couple system used to do this process. The friction brake includes the drum brake and disc brake. There is also the electromagnetic brake.

disc brakes

The drum brake uses brake shoes which are pressed against the inner surface of the rotating drum. The drum is connected to the rotating road wheel hub. The harder you press on the brakes, the more pressure is applied to the rotating road wheel hub by the drum brake.

Disc brakes are most commonly used. They are made of cast iron or ceramic and they are connected to the wheel or the axle. For the disc brake to stop the wheel, brake pads that are mounted on the brake caliper are forced mechanically, hydraulically, pneumatically or electromagnetically against both sides of the disc. The friction slows down the wheel and brings it to a complete stop.

There are many elements going in when you press the brake pedal in your car. If one of these elements isn’t in tip-top shape you could have some problems. Always have your brakes checked regularly to ensure you braking system is working at its best.

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