What I Found in an October 1966 Maclean’s Magazine

by Admin on March 31, 2014

The other week I went to the local Antiques and Collectables Sale and there was a magazine section which caught my eye. I grabbed a few for one dollar a piece. Yesterday, I opened up the October 1966 Maclean’s magazine from the pile. The cover had the headline “A private eye’s frightening story: I spied on the Nazis.” What actually made me stop turning the pages was on page 28 where there is a Ford feature.


Part of the article reads: “We like to make waves at Ford… stir up new ideas. Like the Thunderbird look that changed the look of all cars. Like Fairlane, the first of the lean, trim middleweights. Like the Mustang revolution- and an LTD quieter than a Rolls-Royce. Engineering magic like the Station Wagon Magic Doorgate, two-way SelectShift Cruise-O-matic…a whole new wave of fresh ideas that more and more people have discovered- and switched to. The new wave from Ford keeps growing. Now it hits a new crest!”

This is proof that Ford has been an innovative industry leader for decades. The Ford brand is always on the look for new technology, styles and ideas on how to make their lineup better than ever. It was happening back in 1967 and they’re still doing it in 2014.

The new 2014 Ford Mustang holds true to its roots with sleek lines, aggressive styling and one of the best powertrains on the market. This adventure seeking machine has been driving Canadians for decades and providing that sporty aspect for an affordable price.

Do you have stories about older model Fords you want to share with me? I know I wasn’t around when this 67’ new lineup came out; regardless I love learning about the history of the automotive industry and the connections people have with these classic and iconic vehicles.

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